Topic outline

  • General

  • Yr 1-2 Are plants alive?

    Plants What use are they?

    Summary of theme

    Theme is introduced with entry point video which is designed to capture pupils interest and get them to think about plants and why they might be important in their lives.

    Pupils then grow their own seeds to help them learn the parts of plants and what they need to survive.


    1. Are plants alive?
    2. How do plants grow?
    3. What do we use plants for?
    4. What are the parts of plants?
    5. Harvesting our plants.
  • Entry Point - Are plants alive?

    Introduction to theme - this may not be a full lesson / activity but can be combined with lesson 1

  • 1 Are plants alive?

    Video recaps things animals that shows they are alive then ask do plants do any of these too?

    This helps open a discussion on the difference between living & non-living and that plants do the same things are animals even though it may not be easy to notice them moving for example

  • 2. How do plants grow?

    Video looks at different plants some pupils will know some they won't, also ask if they can name any parts of plants.

    Video then shows how to plant some seeds to grow as microgreens and also to use to grow to full size plants