Topic outline

  • Yr 5-6 Farmers V Bugs - it's War

    Summary of theme

    Farmers V Bugs?

    Entry point introduces theme with video showing pests, diseases, weeds and weather (bugs) which can attack crops and animals that farmers produce our food from this introduces topic with a 'Big Idea'

    Idea behind video is to get pupils to think about the bugs farmers must fight in order to produce our food. The theme gets pupils to look at the 'Food Stories' of some foods: Potatoes, Wheat, Milk and Oilseed Rape.

    Then pupils are shown how the production of these foods can be affected by pests, disease, weeds and weather and what farmers do to try and overcome these 'bugs'

    Once pupils have this knowledge they are then able to debate the weapons a farmer uses in this war and the consequences of these choices. The theme finishes by look at some of the new technology which could be used in the future to produce our food.

    •  Scheme of Work as a pdf File 213KB PDF document
  • Entry Point - Farmers V Bugs - It's WAR

    Introduction to theme - this may not be a full lesson / activity but can be combined with lesson 1

  • 1. How is your food produced?

    Summary of lesson

    Lesson shows pupils where to find Food Stories to look at how food is produced so they can then see how 'bugs' affect this food production

  • 2. How do bugs affect food production?

    Summary of lesson

    Lesson shows pupils some details of how each of bugs: pests, diseases, weeds and weather can affect food production

  • 3. The Farmers weapons against bugs

    Summary of lesson

    Lesson shows pupils what a farmer can do to fight bugs - what weapons does he have, to either prevent attack in first place or tackle attacks after they happen.

  • 4. Who is winning the war?

    Who is winning the war - farmers or bugs?