Topic outline

  • General

  • Yr 3-4 Follow the Poo...

    Summary of Theme

    cow poohingEntry point introduces theme, it shows how farmers spread animal manure on the fields - fields which they then grow food crops on such as potatoes from which crisps are made.

    Having shown them this they are asked to think about several things:

    • Why is animal poo spread on fields?
    • Is this good for the environment?
    • Why does it not make food grown on the very same fields taste of poo?

    Pupils would not be expected to answer these questions at this stage - it is more designed to get them thinking about animals. their manure, plants and food. These questions will be answered by the end of the theme. The overall theme is covered in two sections: animals (previous part) and plants ( this section ideal for spring or summer term)

  • Entry Point - What goes in....

    Introduction to theme which introduces the topic with a 'Big Idea' - this may not be a full lesson / activity but can be combined with lesson 1

  • 1. Following the Poo - Investigating What plants need to grow

    As part of investigation of what happens to poo that is spread on farmers fields we look at what plants need to grow. This can be done by growing plants under different conditions and deciding how this can be done to make it a fair and valid test.

    This part is done first to give the plants chance to grow under the different conditions investigated. While they are growing the second part of the project which looks at soil can be done.

  • 2. Following the Poo - Investigating Soil

    First part of investigation of what happen to poo which is spread on farmers field involves looking at what soil is made of. Mix soil samples with water then draw results and measure different types of soil to produce a Mud Pie Pie Chart!