Topic outline

  • General

    • Yr 1-2 Are your pets really alive?

      Summary of Theme

      Are pets alive

      Theme is introduced with entry point video which is designed to capture pupils interest and get them to think about animals, by showing different animals and what they do - especially poo! It also asks pupils to think about the things that animals do and how we might decide if they are alive or dead.

      Rest of theme then looks at some of the things animals which makes them alive like eat (Nutrition), poo (Excrete), Move, Grow and Reproduce.

    • Entry Point - Are all your pets really alive?

      Introduction to theme - this may not be a full lesson / activity but can be combined with lesson 1

    • 1 How can you tell if something is really alive?

      Video shows animals and examples of pets pupils may have it also shows images of virtual pets pupils may have or know of such as Tamagotchi and NintenDogs.

      This helps open a discussion on the difference between living & non-living.

    • 2. What is poo made of?

      Asks what is poo made of and makes link to what animals eat. So all animals feed, but on different things: Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivores

    • 3. What do animals use food for?

      Having established that animals eat food or feed this lesson asks what they use this food for. To MOVE

    • 4. Do animals change?

      As well as providing the energy for moving food is also used to grow

    • 5. What do young animals need?

      This looks at animals reproducing and growing up, how much care their mothers give and what they need when growing up

    • Reviewing Learning

      checking learningTo review learning ask class to complete the mindmap to show all the things animals do.


      If you are using this theme in conjunction with a farm visit to a farm which has animals one of the ways you could review work with pupils is by getting them to write some questions to ask the farmer about his animals and how he looks after them, feeding, mucking out, having babies.


      Ask children to write instructions for their parents entitled "How to make me grow" and stick on to a seed packet featuring a picture of a child.