Topic outline

  • General

    • Yr 3-4 What goes in....

      Summary of Theme

      cow poohingEntry point introduces theme, it shows how farmers spread animal manure on the fields - fields which they then grow food crops on such as potatoes from which crisps are made.

      Having shown them this they are asked to think about several things:

      • What happens to poo on farms?
      • Why is it spread on fields?
      • Why does it not make food grown on the very same fields taste of poo?

      Pupils would not be expected to answer these questions at this stage - it is more designed to get them thinking about animals. their manure, plants and food. These questions will be answered by the end of the theme. The overall theme is covered in two sections: animals (this part) and plants (ideal for spring or summer term)

    • Entry Point - What goes in....

      Introduction to theme which introduces the topic with a 'Big Idea' - this may not be a full lesson / activity but can be combined with lesson 1

    • 1. Do you eat like a pig?

      Review of a balanced diet for humans and then looks at how aniamls need a balanced diet to be fit and healthy and produce the most amount of food for the farmer and us

    • 2. Showing who eats what

      Using the farm animals and what has been learnt about what they eat and what food we get from farm animals this lesson explains how we can show what eats what with a special drawing called a 'Food Chain'

    • 3. Food chains in nature

      Having looked at how we can show who eats what with food chains we now apply this knowledge to a wildlife habitat and see how we can draw food chains in nature

    • Reviewing learning

      To review learning ask class to say what they have learnt about food chains. Ask them for examples draw then on the board.

      Complete CLOZE exercise in work book