Topic outline

  • Yr 5-6 Can sheep count?

    Summary of theme

    Can sheep read numbers?

    Entry point introduces theme with video showing sheep with numbers painted on them and then asks "Can sheep count?" this introduces topic with a 'Big Idea'

    Idea behind video is to get pupils to think about how animals like sheep and lambs are different although this difference may not always be obvious to us - hence lambs look alike to shepherd and clearly could not put any separated lambs and mothers together without giving them all corresponding numbers. Video then explains how sheep have a much keener sense of smell than humans and it is this which ewes use to identify their lambs.

  • Entry Point - Can sheep count?

    Introduction to theme - this may not be a full lesson / activity but can be combined with lesson 1

  • 1. Why are animal life cycles important to us?

    Summary of lesson

    Lesson looks at / reviews animal life cycles and asks why they are important to us for food etc

  • 2. Are all cows black and white?

    Lesson summary

    Looks at how cows may appear the same but when a farmer measures things like how much milk the produce each day - their milk YIELD then they will show differences. 

    Pupils are asked to work out 2 cows milk yields and then decide which cow would be best to keep for breeding replacement cows.

  • 3. The X Factor - for cows, pigs, sheep

    This lesson considers what the X Factor is for farmers when choosing which pigs, sheep or cows to keep for replacement breeding stock

    Documents for lesson

  • 4. How does nature select which animals can have young?

    Explains and contrasts natural selection with artificial selection as carried out by farmers

    Then looks at how natural selection can lead to evolution