Showing who eats what

Showing who eats what

Todays learning: (WALT)


  • Construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey.
  • To identify the structure of a food chain in a specific habitat
  • That most food chains start with a green plant.

Lesson Activities / Tasks

  •  VIDEO: Showing who eats what
  • Video Dialog
    • So far we have seen what humans and some other animals eat

    • We can show who eats what in a special drawing called a food chain

    • This uses an arrow to show what eats what - the arrow means 'is eaten by'

    • So for cows that eat grass it would look like this (grass --> cow)

    • We can extend these to show what eats the cow (or something it produces like milk) Grass --> cow --> human

    • Or if we use the particular food Grass --> Milk (cow) --> human

    • Now you have some idea of what farm animals eat - mainly plants like grass or the seeds of barley and wheat for example...

    • You should be able to draw food chains for many of the things we eat

    • Here's one to get you started Cereals --> Bacon (pigs) --> Humans 

    • You try the following things: roast beef, Cheese, pork sausages

    • If you are having difficulties try looking at

    • Complete relevant section of pupil work book

  • Do quiz for first section answers…


  • VIDEO 'Showing who eats what'
  • PUPIL WORKBOOK: 'What goes in...'

Outcomes: (WILF)

  • State that predators eat other animals
  • Identify animals which are predators and their prey eg birds feed on insects, foxes feed on rabbits, herons feed on fish
  • State that many animals which are prey live on green plants
  • Sequence valid food chains relating to the local habitats using the arrow convention correctly.

Teaching notes:


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