How do plants grow?

How do plants grow?

Todays learning: (WALT)

  • identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees
  • observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants.
Design Technology
  • Understand where food comes from

Lesson Activities / Tasks


VIDEO: How do plants grow?:

Pupils Workbook - 'Plants - what use are they?'

Lesson Activities


  • Do quiz for first section answers…

Video Dialog

  • Can you name any plants? What about these?
  • Can you name any parts of plants?
  • Perhaps if you grow and care for some plants you will be able to name some plant parts and describe the basic structure of a plant?
  • So how do we grow a plant?
  • We can grow plants from seeds
  • If you put a seed in a pot of soil or compost not too deep it should grow.
  • Your teacher will help you do this - the seeds you could use are....
  • Pea, Beetroot, Chard, Carrots
  • You can eat some of the seedlings - they are eaten in some top restaurants as 'micro-greens'
  • You could also carefully plant some of the seedlings into bigger containers or plant pots
  • Then you can watch them grow and follow their life cycle
  • Peas will  flower and produce seeds
  • The carrots and beetroot will produce food you might know!


Outcomes: (WILF)

  • Describe what they think will happen to the seeds they plant
  • Keep a diary of their seeds and with pictures labeling the different parts as they emerge.

Teaching notes:

Pupils can keep a seed diary.

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