What do young animals need?

What do young animals need?

Todays learning: (WALT)

  • Different animals look after their young differently.
  • That babies and children need to be looked after while they are growing.
Design Technology
  • Understand where food comes from

  • Key human features, including: city, town, village, factory, farm, house, office, port, harbour and shop

Citizenship & PSHE
  • 2e to realise that people and other living things have needs, and that they have responsibilities to meet them.

Lesson Activities / Tasks

VIDEO What do animals need?

  • Dialog for video:
    • What do young animals need when they are growing?
    • What are the mothers of these young animals doing for them?
    • Why did this sow run towards the camera?
    • Do all animals look after their young the same
    • What about fish like Nemo?
    • How do adult frogs look after their young?
    • How were you looked after when you were very young?
    • What about now? 

Suggested activity

  • Play the video above which shows farm animals looking after their new born and young offspring. The video shows newborn piglets, lambs and calves some born only seconds before and covered in after birth if pupils ask! A key point to make is that these new born animals are up on their feet looking for milk within 2-3 minutes in most cases.
  • Ask pupils how long it was before they could walk and get themselves a drink? Compare this with frogs who give no care to tadpoles and try to lead pupils to the idea that not caring for young means more must be produced to ensure some survive. 
  • Complete wall display of what animals need - could draw young animals with parents.
  • Ask pupils to make a grow your own packet for an animal; themselves or another animal. Put instructions on packet of what animals need to be fit and healthy.
  • Complete Mindmap Burr What do all animals do? Mindmap Burr
  • Complete first section of pupil workbook.
  • Do quiz for first section answers


  • Video: What do young animals need?
  • Pupil work book: Are your pets alive or dead?

Outcomes: (WILF)

  • Record in a variety of ways how animas, need to be looked after and explain why this is necessary.

Teaching notes:

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