Reviewing work

Reviewing work?

Todays learning: (WALT)

  • Review work on animals as living things

Lesson Activities / Tasks

Suggested activity

  • To review learning ask class to complete the mindmap to show all the things animals do.

What do all animals do? Mindmap Burr

  • Then
  • If you are using this theme in conjunction with a farm visit to a farm which has animals one of the ways you could review work with pupils is by getting them to write some questions to ask the farmer about his animals and how he looks after them, feeding, mucking out, having babies.
  • Or
  • Ask children to write instructions for their parents entitled "How to make me grow" and stick on to a seed packet featuring a picture of a child.
  • Complete final section of pupil workbook.


Outcomes: (WILF)

  • Record in a variety of ways how animas, need to be looked after and explain why this is necessary.

Teaching notes:

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