The Eat Well Harvest Food Story 4 - Milk

Today's learning: (WALT)

Design Technology

Key Stage 3

  • Understand seasonality, and know where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed

Key Stage 4

  • Where and how foods are grown, reared, or caught and the primary and secondary stages of processing and production.

  • How processing affects the sensory and nutritional properties of ingredients.

  • The impact of food and food security on the environment, local and global markets and communities.

  • Technological developments that claim to support better health and food production, including fortification and modified foods with health benefits and the efficacy of these.

Outcomes: (WILF)

  • Describe Milk Food Story - for the dairy and alternatives section from farm to fork explaining seasonality if any.
  • Explain how farmers / food producers are using science, technology, engineering and maths to
    • protect the environment
    • help ensure food security
    • make food production sustainable

Lesson Activities / Tasks

Prior Learning:

Knowledge of the eat well plate / guide and theme entry point video “Is 5 A Day Killing the Planet?

Suggested order to cover food stories:

  • Cereals Food Story - starchy carbohydrates
  • Beef Food Story - for the beans, pulses, fish, eggs and meat section
  • Fresh Produce Food Story - for the fruit and veg section
  • Milk Food Story - for the dairy products section

However setting these as homework and linking each food story to other work you are doing in classroom will work just as well.


  • Videos + Video Script for teacher to read.
  • Milk Food Story Worksheet
    • These can be downloaded from website

Each pupil will need access to a computer to watch videos and do Fresh Produce Food Story Work Sheet.

VIDEO: Intro video is available on  moodle course rest are available on


Lesson Tasks.


Discuss food story with class.


Teaching notes:

About Worksheets:

Milk Food Story Worksheets. These are macro Word documents which allow pupils to choose answers to cloze exercises based on watching videos about food stories. (If computer virus checker warns about downloading Word macro enabled documents just ignore – they are safe!

Once pupils have completed worksheet they can click a button to check their answers and then do any corrections. There is a key word paragraph to complete which really needs checking / marking by a teacher.

IMPORTANT: Pupils must really complete worksheet in one go or at least not close the document with macros enable, if they do this then on opening again the document will clear any of their previous answers!

If they do save as and save document as normal word document (rather than docm) then it will preserve the answers they have done but they will not be able to answer any answers not already completed.

There is a non-macro version of worksheet which gives them multichoices for each answer – but does not allow pupils to do self-assessment. )

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