6. So what is 5 A Day doing to the planet?

Today's learning: (WALT)

Design Technology

Key Stage 3

  • Understand seasonality, and know where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed

Key Stage 4

  • Where and how foods are grown, reared, or caught and the primary and secondary stages of processing and production.

  • How processing affects the sensory and nutritional properties of ingredients.

  • The impact of food and food security on the environment, local and global markets and communities.

  • Technological developments that claim to support better health and food production, including fortification and modified foods with health benefits and the efficacy of these.

Outcomes: (WILF)

  • Explain what food security means.
  • Explain the sate of food security in:
    • UK
    • Rest of World
    • Now and in the future
  • Describe some of the “problems” associated with modern plentiful food production.
  • Describe how consumer expectation of food can have an impact on the environment.
  • Explain what sustainable food production means.
  • Give examples of how food production can be made more sustainable

Lesson Activities / Tasks

Prior Learning:

Food Stories 

  • Cereals Food Story - starchy carbohydrates
  • Beef Food Story - for the beans, pulses, fish, eggs and meat section
  • Fresh Produce Food Story - for the fruit and veg section
  • Milk Food Story - for the dairy products section

First video shows how in UK we are in comfortable position of food security but this situation has given us the luxury of having certain expectations has an effect on the environment.

Lesson Tasks.

This lesson and next are designed to set up class debate / and or collaborative learning session.

  • Show video then do AfL Q&A session to assess how much pupils have learnt about modern food production having covered the 4 food stories.
  • Collaborative Learning: Split class into groups to research the “problems” as decided by you! (My choices would be: Food Miles, Packaging, “Ugly” veg, Seasonal Food.) Once done each group feeds back to rest of class.
  • Watch Video “The Problems” this shows how UK Food producers are trying to solve the “problems” of man with food whilst at the same time making sure we don’t revert to “Man without food” – food security. Depending on how you want to run session / collaborative learning this could be shown as part of setting up collaborative work


Pupils write short answer / explanation to put into context the theme question “Is 5 A Day Killing the Planet?

Teaching notes:

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